Sony New Store

By 9:08 PM

The first floor entrance

Sony open up a new store... and just from the pictures it looks good enough to sleep in... only thing is no way in hell I can go in it cause it's in Japan (ahhhh).

see and we're supposed to be the richest country in the world but yet we get nothing like this... (tears) i want to go play with the gadgets... but hey forget my personal issue and check out these few pictures...

The View from the outside... as you can see the store is visible outside through the glass: (kinda like Apple shhhh)

Here is a 3D demonstration, this is found on the second floor in a glorified home theater setup:

This is the second floor entrance:

The overview of the first floor from the second floor:

Wanna see more pictures and read more about it all well just click the link...

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