New PoPo Car on the Block...

By 12:46 AM

we all love paying our taxes don't we... ay ay lol (yeah right) but here's where it gets good... you pay your taxes and the Police get a new car yuppie lol... Ford have finally came out with a new car next to there old school Crown Victoria. And It's called what do you know something corny to scare people "Ford Police Interceptor"

Just in case you don't know what a Police Crown Victoria looks like (which you should there everywhere) here's a picture of one... p.s. yeah it's say MTA on the side lol

But yet this right here Just proves the point... For a country thats so broke and in debt they sure do find time to buy new police cars to lock people up smh but hey if you want to check out more picture just hit the link PoPo Car lol to see more...

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