Sweat it out!

By 6:14 PM

“The gray sweatshirt refers to the most basic of basics, It’s what you wore before you knew how to style yourself at summer camp and gym class. It’s the sweater worn by the skinny teenage boy you had a crush on.” - Vogue’s fashion news/features director Sally Singer.

So you roll out of bed after a long (or short, depending on how much of it you actually remember) night and glance at your clock, realizing it's early afternoon/ late morning, and your still in 3am mode. So you hop out of bed and throw in that messy ponytail. You tug on your favorite pair of shorts or jeans and then on goes that ever trusty sweatshirt. Add a pair of oversized sunglasses and you have that carelessly sexy look thats perfect for heading out for a cup of coffee.... and picking up a copy of the NYPOST so you can read your favorite guilty pleasure that is Page Six (Cause it's always just fun to KNOW)
It's funny how such a basic clothing item can be so incrediFAB, but we all know it's not always about the clothes but the person who wears them...

"That’s the beauty of the basic. Dress it up or dress it down. No matter what, keep it simple!" - Vouge writer, Chelsea Zalopany

So there you have it. From the fall runway of Dries Van Noten (Picture). A sweatshirt (depending on how you wear it) can be that missing peice in your closet that you've been looking for.

Although it is summer, you can totally still get away with the sweatshirt thing. Think of a cool summer night around a bonfire cuddling next to your latest <3 Or maybe your stuck on the cold G train on a commute into the city for a night out? either way, you can work it.


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