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so WTFJeans is what there calling these... Jeans for tech geeks lmao... read what Tim Stevens had to say about them...

"Smartphone in your back pocket? Cracked screen when you flop down on a wooden barstool. Front pocket? You're asking for nasty scratches should you throw some keys in there. The fix, apparently, are wtfJeans, denim designed for gadget lovers. They sport micro-fiber pockets to protect those screens, a hidden memory stick pocket to keep your infos semi-secure, and even extra padding and protection inspecial places for male wearers. Granted, the styling is a bit... controversial, perhaps even Kris Kross inspired, but we're digging the look -- and the website, which encourages you to "wear them FTW" and offers special European beta pricing of €59 ($80) for the first 100 pairs. After that only 900 more will be made, and we're guessing they'll sell out quick, so order soon or you could be stuck wearing TLA-free pants. Drowsy unboxing video after the break!"

Copy and paste and see just how much they have to offer...

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