iPhone 4 announced (check it out now)

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For more photos of the iPhone 4G click here

So it seems Apple have done it again with there iPhone 4 (mind you is it what we all seen before just check out the leak phones here)... They always manage to change the way most people look at phones... The only feature I'm truly excited with is this new technology called the RETINA display. I adore screens that makes pictures and videos look even better then they do on your computer on your phone, now that's amazing... They saying it'll be available June 24th with a $200 price tag of course new two year contract (any words on iPhone coming to Verizon none what so ever) It comes in the standard for Apple now two colors Black & White. (At&t might be seeing me soon "maybe")

check out the video of what Apple have to say about there new product which you already know is a mouth full... but it's as interesting as it gets...

Oh but there's more with this new FaceTime (video chat) they have going for it... It's looks and sounds promising but the only bad thing is it can only be use on WiFi as of right now. If you ask me that sucks cause the HTC EVO 4G for Sprint on it's launch day was doing video calling as well and it can could also be use over Sprints 3G or 4G network. So I'm at a bit of a let down by Apple for this but none the less check out the video promo about FaceTime video calling. (I would like to point out this video is beautiful)

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