Xbox 360 In Epic Case Mod

By 10:35 PM

I won't lie i don't like XBOX like that but damn does this shit look hard... something you buy just to show off to your friends deadass... Best of all: you can actually buy it.

"This (fully functional!) rig, designed by Weta's Richard Taylor, is up for auction until April 24th. Proceeds go to the David Peachey Foundation, an Australian charity that works towards bettering kids' lives through scholarships, sports grants, camps, and so on."

At the time of this post, the bidding's somewhere around $800 Australian, putting it somewhere around $750 US. (I Ain't not banker) so come on, ballers in the game world (if you're out there) cause I know I'm broke. Just think how satisfying this'll be to look at once it'll hit your living room along with the sexy looking home theater oh damn quick heart attack.

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