Fashion Capitals of the World...

By 10:19 PM

Do you love fashion... I do... wouldn't you like to travel to every fashion capital there is to learn about different cultures of fashion... so I figure wouldn't you like to see some of the biggest fashion capitals in the world... check them out... how many do you know of?

New York City has long been (5 years) the fashion capital of the world, but in 2009 it was beaten by Milan.
Tokyo is an emerging fashion capital, and is especially important in Asia, however it came 12th in the charts.
Paris is one of the most prestigious cities in fashion, and by many is regarded as its capital, but was beaten by Milan and New York City at an economic point of view.
London has long been an important fashion centre in the world.
Milan in 2009 is regarded as the fashion capital of the world.
Rome has a very strong fashion industry, and now has beaten some traditional fashion capitals, such as London, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Melbourne and Los Angeles have also been ranked very highly in the lists when it comes to being fashion capitals of the world... So did you know all of those... I highly doubt it but hey you never know what city just might hit the top of the charts for 2010...

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