Watches These Days... PT. 2

By 6:36 PM

Now isn't this something just the other day I was talking about watches and how there just becoming more and more... hmmm (I don't know what word to put after that smh...) but anywho check this watch out...

It's so crazy I don't even know where to begin writing about this thing... oh I know they say this thing is made with Real Dinosaur Bone Fragments... but you know what just check out what SwissTime had to say about this thing... (below)

"The Jurassic Tourbillon, whose dial contains fragments of authentic fossilised dinosaur bones, takes us on a journey into the past, around 130 million years ago. Qualified as exceptional by experts, the colour and veining of these precious witnesses to our past underwent a meticulous process of preservation. A veritable initiatory exploration, this first piece of a limited series of 12 watches comes in a time-travelling case: the Time Explorator. This “treasure chest of origins” features an “engine-room” comprising counters, handles, levers, gear-trains and pipes in copper and brass. Made of acajou, the Time Explorator is three metres long and two metres high. Its nine windows, which represent the key dates in the history of man, are an invitation to make unexpected discoveries."

they make it sound so beautiful don't they lmao

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