BlueBerry 9500 (Lmao )

By 3:24 PM

Now see this is funny... what do you know... Fake blackberries have shown up on the scene... smh

The dudes over at engadget have gotta there hands on a BlueBerry 9500... (it doesn't get any better then this.) They have this to say about it...

"The result is this here BlueBerry 9500, a device that looks more like a Bold 9500 grafted to a Nokia E72 than it does a Bold 9700"

But I mean hey "It includes a TV tuner (complete with 9-inch retractable antenna), dual SIM support, and WiFi, and -- most importantly -- the optical pad is said to be "decent." just don't expect any App World access with this one."

oh hey check out some more pictures after the break....

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