Twin Video Camera

By 12:31 PM

Was doing my daily rounds of some new tech "ya know" and happen to had ran across this (hmmm yeah ohk)

Its a video camera (nothing wrong with that) with two mics (ohk i'm all for that you know noise canceling using two mics meaning you ain't hearing loud as cars and trucks in the background) Two Lenses... ohk so that means two cameras in one body... so not only can you record whats going on in front... you can also record the look on your face... I only have one problem with this and it is this video camera doesn't take still pictures. which is weird cause a video is a collection of stills so... you got a video camera with two lenses that doesn't take still pictures (WTF). It haven't drop yet so they might just read this blog and say hey that DrewMania guy got a point. but yeah thats enough goodbye smh

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