Oh Yes.... Tech Time

By 1:04 AM

This whole week it have been about tablets so why not keep it going until Monday magically pops up something in the next 22 or 23 hours from now... So y'all know about the ipad by Apple blah blah blah ...

Here's A Few You Might Not Know About!!!

So what you see in his hands is a wide screen beast... Its called the JooJoo (AKA Crunchpad) oh yeah

[via Gizmodo.com]

This one here is called the Notion Ink Tegra Android Smartpad... yeah that's alot I hope it is as smart as they calm it to be...

[via Slashgear.com]

Anybody own a Dell computer here's a mini tablet to match... yes Dell's Mini 5

[I love this baby looking tablet]

This one right here the Archos 7 (Its a Android Tablet yay)

Oh yes yes another one by Archos its called the Archos 9 pc tablet... Couldn't find a good enough picture so I said hey let me have someone tell you about it check it out in the video below..

Now this one is just unique comes comes with keyboard but the screen pops out not to mention its touch screen...

Theres some very attractive Tablets here you don't have to get Apples iPad and get lock into there itunes software unless you like it... or you can get a open platform like Android or windows and go off with your creative minds... I like most of them but I rather be able to do what I want when I want without someone say so... but hey its up to you which one you'll choice... Enjoy

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