Apple have a dating site? Cupidtino

By 9:19 AM

0hk now Cupidtino, the dating website for Apple fanboys and fangirls! It isn't a joke even if I was laughing my ass off about it. When I first heard about this saying to myself they going hard or either trying to hard. The site haven't officially launch yet but this is how a dating profile would look once the site launches.
Now according to TechCrunch (one of my favorite sites) is saying that there is already 22,000 members. Now that's saying something... I mean come on the site haven't even came out yet and there's that many people on it. And come to find out there charging people 4.95 a month which if you do the math there making a lot of money (lmao) for something that isn't official... From what I'm hearing you can only use Apple products to use the service but most likely that'll change once it launch...

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