Google TV... Taking over the world one step at a time.

By 3:07 AM

I been telling everybody Google taking over the world... So when it finally does happen who side you going to be on... I'm on the Google wave all day (lmao)... but hey one step at a time and with Google TV they claim it's only the beginning. Now would I really get this (yes) why cause it's basically being together the web and your television all in one place, can't beat that right. I alway's wanted to go to and watch it on my 46 inch and with this my dream might just come true. The funny thing is people have been doing this for a while by just connecting your television and you pc together. So as time go on I truly do want to see where they going to go with this.... but check out the videos after the break... p.s. Google all day... lol

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