A Nightmare On Elm Street (can't believe they really did this)

By 8:30 AM

So this remake of Nightmare on Elm street is in theaters today and all I can think of why didn't they just let Freddy and his last nightmare alone... I mean truly this shit looks like a joke... check out the 30 second clip... (oh finish reading after you watch it or not I ain't done talking shit)

I don't understand why would they do such a thing... I enjoy almost all the the Freddy's even if my son Jason is a beast and can't be stop ( and even if they already made a corny remake of Jason's Friday the 13th) but none the less this is about Freddy's oh dear god... I remember watching his movies and couldn't help but laugh cause he was just to funny for his own good... I mean yeah there was killing but shit he had a nigga jump from laugher that's good enough... I'm thinking should I even take the risk of even going to go see this or should I keep my ass as far away from a theater tonight as possible...

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