I adore females in heels!!!

By 9:29 AM

Christian Louboutin - Fortitia 100 sandal
It's all about the Heel... sexy as fuck, I wouldn't mind seeing a young lady in these... that'll float my boat in a quick second... It's 4 inches... they describe these as a "dramatic flourish to a evening out"... the price tag on these is $875 but who cares as long as at the end of the day you got what you wanted...

YVES SAINT LAURENT - Essentielle suede sandals
Now the price tags on these is a bit more at $995 but like I said all that matters is are you happy at the end of the day... the heels on these is 5.5 inches hey at least you my height lol and the platform in the front measures in at 1 inch. Now my personal opinion is if you notice right at the top of the platform there is thread design that is unique as well as the leather outline with the suede in the middle beautiful.

LOEFFLER RANDALL - Idris patent-leather sandals
Now you be like DrewMania these ain't no heels and I'm going to be like you don't see that 1 inch hump in the back lol... but none the less I like these. I feel as if you can put these on when you just ready to go out and hang with your girls or even to a party to meet people... Now the price tag on these are $395 a bit better if you just want something nice to look good in...

All of these and more trust me enough to turn you out is available at "net-a-porter" to bad it's a woman only site (sorry my ninjas shit happens)...

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