Child Hood Memories: The Little Rascals

By 7:25 AM

I was chilling at my homegirl house and this movie happened to come on TV. The 1994 version of “The Little Rascals.” Being that we had not-shit to do, and we was just bored on the sofa, we decided to finish out the movie (there were about 30 minutes left, most of it revolving around the soap-box car race…. which by the way, did any of you actually do one of those as a kid? they are in a ton of movies but I don’t know anyone who acutally built a soap box car and raced it in a derby…ever). But while watching it I said now what if I wanted to build a soap box car and push somebody ass down a hill... hmmm stay tune for more details on that (lmao) but yeah this movie is amazing. My child hood was something I would never want to forget....

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