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A passion for fashion brought together three young men with different interests, Antonio Patruno Randolfi, Luigi Arbore and Massimo Mazzilli. Prompted by their love for accessories, they founded a new brand in Italy, Cor Sine Labe Doli literally “A heart with no betrayal blemish”), a name inspired by the coat of arms of their home town in Puglia, Corato. The inspiration for their first accessory struck while watching a boring movie, “I remember we were sitting watching this completely useless film and, feeling we couldn’t be bothered less, we started thinking about pieces we could put into production and the bow tie idea struck us,” Antonio recounts. “I must admit it was rather difficult to develop the project as many artists were very scared of creating a piece that was actually meant to be worn using such a fragile material.” -(Anna Battista via dazed digital)

Together as a person a group of people can accomplish anything - Blackmann Godd

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