T-mobile Road Map

By 4:54 AM ,

Sorry if you got Sprint, Verzion, or AT&T but this is bout T-mobile.... At this moment in time they seem to be the only company really getting some exclusive phones... So they going to get the attention... :-P

There's only 2 phones on this list thats worth looking at in 1 that's a must get. The 2 worth looking at Motorola CLIQ XT launches 3/10 ( The Cliq with blur on top android powerhouse but not a beast like the Nexus One yet ) and the Nokia Nuron launches 3/17 ( Don't know to much about this phone but it got some good reviews so hey It's worth looking at lol ). Now the phones that's really going to make T-mobile shit on all the rest is the beast of all beast the HTC HD2 the 4.3 inch screen powerhouse ( even if its running windows mobile ugh ) launches on 3/24. It seems that March is going to be the month that T-Mobile actually out do any other company...

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