Marc Jacobs FALL 2010

By 4:21 PM

Have you ever met people who say "omg! I LOVE MARC JACOBS" but they don't give you a sense of why actually they do, it's cliche to just say you love something but dnt give your exact reason. I take what i do to the heart and for the longest i've love marc not because he has amazing clothes, because he's a visionary someone who understands the body of a woman or man. He's an artist well any designer is an artist but this man creativity does not come from the right or left side of his brain, it comes from within and that what makes marc jacobs. He's an american designer proving himself in the european world and even with us, he came a long way. His FALL 2010 line was amazing. the music "over the rainbow" the colors from neutral to sequins from pale blues... what got me is the evening wear. he truely love what he does.

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