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Go to the Highline Ballroom on Monday February 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why? Not because I said so, although it would be nice to have some faithful followers, but because "The Ghost" aka "Pineiro the Ghost" aka Mothafuckin "Styles P" is going to be performing. I mean, how could you not love this dude? And who knows, if we're lucky, perhaps Jada and Sheek may show, but even if that doesn't happen, you know Styles holds his own. He's a "Gangster and a Gentleman" (if you didn't get that reference, go fuck yourself)

And not only will he be there, but DJ Green Lantern, Sean Price (of Duckdown Fame), Stalley and Scram Jones will be there.

This event is also an album release party for "The Green Ghost Project" which drops the next day on February 2nd.

If you love that raw shit, I suggest you check it out it's gonna be hard.

And the best part of it all is that if you're a broke ass motherfucka but not too broke, the ticket prices are at a recession special. Check it out:

Advance: $15
Day of Show: $17

Now, let's put this in prospective:

Tickets: $15-17 dollars
Round Trip on MTA: $4.50
Getting Blazed Before the Show: Varies on your weed and alcohol consumption
Seeing Styles P eat niggas asses (no homo): FUCKING PRICELESS

Think about it. You'd Love it!!!

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