Valentine's Day is coming!

By 5:06 PM

So Valentine's Day is right around the corner... (not actually around but you know what I mean gesh lol) and you know most people go to the movies so I'm here to drop the knowledge on you of what movies that's coming out that V-Day weekend... so bear with me there's only 3 I see so far.

1. The Wolfman... Now come on who doesn't want to get close to there counterpart with a nice Horror flick

2. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. It seem like a Action movie but can't really be to sure these days... might turn out to be a damn Romantic,Comedy ugh smh...

3. Valentine's Day theres nothing really to be said about this movie... I mean the title should say it all lol... just check out the trailer... I would go see this :-P

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