The Ipad (update)

By 1:22 PM

After damn there forever waiting (also 10 years in the making, I haven't been waiting for 10 years but yeah lol) Apple have finally unveiled there tablet... known as "The Apple Ipad" so here it is


and here's a picture of Steve Jobs the Ceo of Apple Crop. holding it... kinda wish I was there... I wanna play with it right now... damn can't wait... (GIANT ITOUCH)


No price have be told yet but knowing Apple shit its going to cost you... I say $700 for the least high end one... $ 1500 for the dream device... (GIANT ITOUCH LOL) oh man smh not nice lol (Can't wait to get a hold of this so I can hack it deadass)

(update) - It have a 9.7 inch IPS display. It's thin as ever 0.5 inches thin and 1.5 ponuds... It does pretty much everything the newest Itouch does just with a bigger screen... can't beat that yay!!!

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