MyTouch Slide

By 12:42 AM

lol it's funny cause what if the sidekick era is official coming to a end... Just think about it the once was sidekick was something everybody wanted... but when a company looks to start investing in something else it makes you wonder... where does there biggest name product end up, and who to take it's place on top... well check out the MyTouch Slide (ugly isn't it shhh don't tell nobody)

Now according to one of my most love sites Boy Genius Report this Android headset may be making it release on May 19. but is this really whats going to take over where the sidekick left off... I mean Android is a beast of a software but when it comes to the main reason everybody love there sidekick which was for AIM can this software do such a thing (my opinion it have already did lmao)... it's most likely a done deal for sidekicks but look at it this way life goes on


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