Gears Of War 3

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Not until next year but Gears Of War 3 is in the make... I got some pictures, videos and other stuff...

Gears of War 3 Now Has Actual Worldwide Release Dates
Spoiler: April 5, 2011

Your First Look At Gears Of War 3
The Mad World Gears of War trailer will always be the best, but the new one? Decent!

The Evil Dead Role-Playing Game That Should Have Been...
I so wish this weren't a mere parody!

How Much Money Can You Make In The Video Game Industry?
$60-80k is pretty typical if you aren't a tester, but man, those guys work for it.

Spelunking Through ‘Heavy Rain's' plot holes [Spoilers]
In most climates, it doesn't rain 380 days of the year.

The Modern Warfare Fight: Your Guide to Activision Vs. Infinity Ward
This is a great catch-me-up to the whole lawsuit. However, if Michael McWhertor had read it aloud super fast like those Battlestar Galactica series recaps, it would have been even better.

Watch Civilization's Creator Build A Game In 48 Hours
The clip is about 30 minutes long, but Sid Meier has still got it.

Final Fight: Double Impact Micro-Review: Take Two and Call It a Classic
The mayor is still a total badass.

NSFW: Dancing Girls Always Get In The Way
Good, wholesome fun.

Source: Gizmodo

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