"AnYtHiNg Is PoSSiBlE"

By 12:00 PM ,

"FrOm mAkInG DiSnEy MoViEs lOl To bEiNg SiGnEd WiT SoUlJaBo'y S.O.D LaBeL ThE NeW ArTiSt "KhlEo ThOmAs" YoU MiGht ReCogNiZe HiM FrOm MoViEs SuCh As (holes,roller bounce,and also walkin tall) If YoU GoT TaLeNt YoU PrEtTy MuCh CaN Do Or Be AnYtHiNg YoU WanT tO Be BeCaUsE AnYtHiNg Is poSsIbLe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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