Hostage Situation in Brooklyn again?

By 7:38 PM

My friend just called me who live near Georgia and New Lots in Brooklyn of course and she tells me someone is holding someone hostage now. I didn't believe her into I took a trip over there... (p.s. its cool being able to post from my phone... NEXUS ONE) and I see streets block off a crowd of people out front... you can't go no where near there unless your ID have your address on it (oh you have to live near there to duh)... but just this right here remind me of another hostage situation in Brooklyn again of course...

But this one was in brighten beach the brighten beach Starbucks... (somebody gave him the wrong cup of coffee and piss him off lmao)

Point being is that hey people is killing over people but now taking people hostage is the new trend... smh this is getting really personal...

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