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Wmagazine just seems to keep surprising me every month. Rihanna is currently on the February issue of W. She graced the cover in a white gucci dress, which is too die for ! in the interview she of course got harassed with the chris brown questions (as if we aren't over that already) honestly can we just say "on to the next" why couldn't we have read more on her views of fashion. Rihanna has an amazing stylist who she did talk about.

“My stylist Mariel Haenn and I always try to do something sexy but never too girly—we always try to put a little toughness in there,” she says. Today she is wearing harem-pant overalls, which she has paired with a black headpiece that can only be described as a hairnet, and which she somehow manages to make look cool. She explains that the line “I’m such a f—in’ lady” from Rated R’s single “Wait Your Turn” has becom
e like a mantra for her, aesthetically and otherwise.

RihannaCover Rihanna on Cover of February W

she looked amazing, she rocked the shoot. i just wish *personally* her album was better, but hey that's another issue to cover. here's a video behind the scenes below =)

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